Log Packages

Hanold Homes LLC Log Packages

Lincoln Logs International, LLC offers log packages which include materials necessary for the construction of the log walls.  Most other log home companies offer log home packages which include doors, windows, roof trusses, etc.  This is the more expensive method to get your log home kit with fewer decisions on your part. 

The importance of our manufacturing is so crucial that we invite you to see it. Please visit our Log Home Gallery to view photos of our quality log home packages. The suggested floor plan for each pictured model can be seen by clicking on it. Here is the detailed explanation of the design which sets us apart from other log home companies. Notice the *Note which explains why the “v groove” is so important in not allowing rain water to travel into the corner joints. Our exclusive “Weather-Lok Corners” use the superior “butt and pass” method of construction. The compression of the one inch diameter closed-cell backer rod in the “v groove” eliminates chinking which dramatically improves the beauty of the logs.